Nominating and Representation: 2017

TE Denise Lay First, Zephyrhills C

Class of 2017:
TE Denise Lay First, Zephyrhills C
TE Bill Cooley Lakeview, St. Petersburg W
RE Jim Gregory Forest Hills, Tampa C
RE Johanna McCoy PC of Seffner C

Class of 2018:
RE David Childs FPC, Brandon C
TE Jim Cummings Honorably Retired E
RE Darilyn Waterson North Lakeland E
RE Maxine Terry Trinity, St. Petersburg W

Class of 2019:
TE Vickie ByRoade Hope/Highland, Largo W
TE Dick Huggins McLeod Memorail, Bartow E
TE Loli Reiter PC of Seffner C